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I grew up on farm and have always had ponies and horses and it was a natural progression for me to continue my love of animals to commence a career with them.

First I studied Equine studies at Brighton University. From there I worked on a racehorse rehabilitation yard, where the aim was rehabilitate horses that had an injury or recovering from surgery and we got them back onto the track. The experiences I gained from here started my passion for rehabilitation.

From there I went on to work as a head girl of a fantastic competition yard. Dressage and Eventing were the main disciplines. This experienced gained me the knowledge and understanding for the working equine athlete. 

I have been incredibly fortunate in my career to work some fabulous yards with people who’s extensive knowledge and skill has moulded me into the horse person I am today.  

For 16 years I settled into the livery services side of the industry.  In the years managing the livery yard, I came across so many different horses and ailments. Recovery and rehabilitation has been a huge part of job which, I hold a huge passion for.


Wanting to know more and help more horses I started to look for new ways to educate myself in helping those in need.  Then my own mare suffered a fall in the field and hurt her neck. Naturally I called in someone to help her, knowing that veterinary treatment would only get her so far, I needed a therapist who could help her to recover from the injury.

A few treatments later and with a solid rehabilitation program, not only has she recovered but she has excelled. She has a better understanding for her body, how to hold herself, improving her general way of going, even just in the field. 

This was wonderful. However, being a mare she started to become very sensitive and nearly got black listed from the therapist because of her expressive nature.  I could see how much the treatments had helped her and all the benefits that came from the treatment and I wanted to continue to help her. So there started the journey to became an Equine Sports Massage Therapist. My girl now loves her treatments and continues to gain all the benefits from an alternative therapy.  



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